Energy conservation via optimized preparation and shaping

While preparation and shaping account for less than 5% of the overall energy consumption of a typical brick­yard, their share of the plant‘s electric power consumption alone, though, comes to nearly 50%. Obviously, then, it is worth one’s while to exploit all possible means of energy conservation. There is, however, no Royal Road to an energy optimized plant. It takes numerous individual but coordinated, customer- and works-specific measures to achieve that. This contribution surveys new developments and trends and calls attention to an unending stream of innovations for opening up new ways to save energy.

1 Introduction

Some 150 years ago, when Friedrich Hoffmann introduced his Hoffmann annular kiln, it was a huge success, not least because it required as much as 70% less fuel than the intermittent kilns that were customarily employed at the time. Even then, we see, energy conservation was a hot topic.

What really imposed the subject of energy conservation on us in the late 20th century was the first oil crisis in 1973. Ever since then, that key theme has been a permanent issue for all of us and simply refuses to die down in the brick and tile industry, particularly since everyone by now is aware...

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