Grinding Technology with a look to the future – the “Turbo II” Modular Block Finishing Centre

With its “Turbo II Modular Block Finishing Centre”, Lingl has developed an innovative grinding machine, suitable for step-by-step adaptation, depending on output requirements.

1 Fundamental idea

Two different lines of thought led to the introduction of this new design. On the one side there are customers with an extremely high requirement for ground bricks; this applies particularly to brick plants with an annual output in excess of 100 mill. NF (NF = German Standard Format 240 x 115 x 71 mm). The traditional equipment for grinding lines, such as a grinding machine with four grinding motors, arranged at two opposite stations, is not sufficient to meet such grinding output requirements. Situations like these necessitated the installation of two such grinding machines...

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Issue 2011-6

New orders for Lingl

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Issue 2010-12

Tuileries Fribourg & Lausanne in Crissier commissions new Lingl grinding plant

Demand for grinded products is rising steadily in Switzerland. Pursuing that trend, the Fribourg & Lausanne AG brick works have invested in a new grinding plant, incl. robotic loading and packaging...

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Gazstroy Brickworks produces clinker bricks for fair-faced brickwork and large-size clay blocks Part 1: Line A for large-size clay blocks filled with mineral wool

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Issue 2009-05 Pilot Project of Lingl at Wienerberger Bulgaria in Lukovit

First Kiln of Modular Design

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Issue 2013-05

Lingl supplies new-generation technology to Briqueteries de Ploegsteert

The Belgian brick manufacturing company Briqueteries de Ploegsteert has equipped its factory with a Turbo II Modular Grinding Center and a Coriso Filling Installation supplied by Lingl. Ploegsteert...