New orders for Lingl

Major order from Ziegelwerk Klosterbeuren

Following intensive planning Lingl has received an order for the supply of a complete grinding and filling installation from Ziegelwerk Klosterbeuren. This equipment will be integrated into the existing Plant 1. This not only enables the production from Plant I to be ground and filled but provides an option to route products manufactured in the newer Plant 2 to be processed on the same grinding and filling installation. Klosterbeuren opted for the completely new concept made possible with the modular Lingl grinding installation giving them great flexibility when grinding their existing range of bricks. The brick filling process with Rockwool pads is carried out as a joint project by Lingl and Grenzebach. The Grenzebach filling installation technology has the advantage that it can cleanly insert the sensitive Rockwool pads during the complete sawing and filling process ensuring that the bricks are filled consistently and perfectly. This joint project is a major milestone for Lingl in grinding and filling technology.


Unloading installation including a modular block finishing centre for Leipfinger-Bader

Lingl is pleased to announce the on-schedule delivery of an unloading installation, complete with grinding and packing installation to Leipfinger-Bader. The centrepiece in this unloading installation is the innovative Lingl modular block finishing centre, enabling Leipfinger-Bader to produce ground hollow blocks at their Vatersdorf production site.


Order for a flue gas
cleaning system from Refratechnik

Lingl has received yet another order from Refratechnik, the renowned refractories producer. Following the installation of a flue gas cleaning system at Refratechnik’s lead plant in Göttingen, Lingl is now supplying two regenerative afterburning systems for the Gochsheim-Kraichtal facility. The scope of supply extends from connection to the three high-temperature furnaces to the new 45-m-high chimney. For decades now the renowned refractories manufacturer has trusted in the technical solutions supplied by Lingl and its 100-% subsidiary Trafö. Lingl and Trafö supply, for example, dryers, high-temperature furnaces, flue gas cleaning systems and robot handling equipment to the Refratechnik sites in Germany and Spain.

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