Lingl takes positive stock of the KiewBuild

The demand exceeded all our expectations”, comments Project Sales Manager Rudolf Michel. Lingl ( ) has confidence in the development of the Ukrainian market.

There are many projects pending, especially the reconstruction of brick plants and the measures involved for the reduction of the energy consumption of existing dryers and kilns. Lingl has repeatedly optimized the thermal processes of production plants and considerably reduced the operating costs in the factories. One more reason for the Ukrainian customers to take advantage of the lasting process enhancement supplied by Lingl.

On the production side, a trend is emerging from small-size products to large-size blocks. Traditionally the Ukrainian brick manufacturers specialize in the production of small sizes. One of the reasons for the trend reversal are the product properties and the main reason are more effective ways of construction as well as energy-saving potential with large-size blocks.

There is a very optimistic mood in the Ukrainian building branch. The economic tailspin has been left behind – this was the unanimous opinion of the visitors to the fair.


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