Easy creation of robot programs and kiln car settings with K-matic Visual Robotics software

Nowadays, robots in brickworks fulfil a wide variety of functions. These may all work perfectly, but for each new brick format introduced it is necessary to create new robot programs. The easy creation of the programs combined with a realistic 3-D display of kiln car settings are the assets of this new software. A simulation display shows how the bricks will be set on the kiln car. This simulated process can then be implemented into the operating panel to give a graphic display of the robot cycles.

1 Basic features

1.1 Which components are required?

Provided that robot and PLC control system are already installed, an additional 19” touch screen operating panel and a computer with the K-matic Visual Robotics software are needed. A network cable connects the computer with the robot, the PLC and the operating panel.


1.2 Where is the system used?

It is a multiple-use program. It was designed for a kiln car setting installation with robots. Other applications include unloading, packaging, the wet and dry sides. It is possible to control smaller setting installations with only one robot as well...

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