New Lingl robot setting installation starts up at Kellerer Brickworks

Installation of a new robot setting system has been successfully completed at Ziegelsysteme Michael Kellerer GmbH & Co. KG, a brickworks in Oberweikertshofen near Munich, Germany. Kellerer’s ZMK series of special thermal and sound insulation clay blocks are grouped with millimetre accuracy and precision-set onto the tunnel kiln car with a system of gentle-handling grippers.

The new installation offers great flexibility. The frequently automatic changeovers to different sizes can be achieved in extremely short times. A control function with automatic rejection of defective brick groups makes manual intervention superfluous, so constant manning of the installation is not required. Every product can be optimally stacked for firing.

The old equipment was replaced with the latest technology in a very short time. The cramped conditions necessitated space-optimized installation of the system. These requirements were met by Lingl, who also assured optimum easy operation and accessibility of the installation.

With the new robot setting system, not only the quality of the bricks has improved further, the operating and maintenance costs have also been reduced considerably.

Michael Kellerer is very satisfied with the new Lingl robot setting installation: “Our requirements have been realized and the system has worked trouble-free right from the start. Our cooperation with Lingl was professional and successful from design to installation on site. We are very satisfied with Lingl.”


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