In remembrance of Dr.-Ing. Karsten Junge

In remembrance of Dr.-Ing. Karsten Junge

Comparison of designs and economic efficiencies of air circulation systems in dryers (Part 2)

Following a rundown of determining parameters for the drying process, Part 1 (Zi 5/2011, pages 12–26) of this report compared and analysed measured economic operating data of various air circulation systems for masonry brick and clinker dryers. Now, Part 2 presents corresponding data for roof tiles. In nearly all regards, rapid dryers emerge as the most economical variant, often by a wide margin.

6 Conventional air circulation systems for roof tiles

Rotary fans or air walls are also employed in roof-tile dryers of conventional design. Unlike air wall dryers for masonry bricks and clinkers, however, air wall dryers for roof tiles have horizontal slit inlets (»23). For the sake of simplicity and easy assembly, round inlets (»24) can also be used.


7 Air circulation systems in rapid dryers for roof tiles

Due to the drawbacks of parallel incidence, as mentioned in item 2.6 (Part 1 in Zi5/2011), other forms of incidence were investigated for roof tiles in various experiments and simulations...

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In remembrance of Dr.-Ing. Karsten Junge

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