Quality improvement and cost savings thanks to intelligent wear management in ceramic shaping

Perfect surfaces, crack-free and intricate structures combined with the best possible economic production are the demands made of a modern ceramics production facility and therefore also of shaping technology. Wear in ceramic shaping is of prime importance in this connection. The factors influencing wear and possibilities for the effective reduction of wear are described.

1 Factors influencing wear

Column speed, the degree of extrusion pressure and the composition of the ceramic body determine the amount of wear. In addition, the shaping extrusion tools (primarily the dies) are subject to extremely severe mechanical and tribological stress owing to the high extrusion pressures. The topic of wear is a complex one, and sometimes difficult to follow, as there are many factors, some of which overlap, that play a part. Abrasive wear is certainly the main factor to be taken into account, but chemical and electrochemical wear or combinations thereof also play a part.


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