A new construction line for Redblocsystems

Sabo has commissioned for Redblocsystems a new line for the construction of prefabricated wall elements in Büchenbeuren, Germany. The line is semiautomatic which means that the assembly of every single layer is done by people with the use of assisted means, (weight-compensating manipulators with vacuum grippers), and the rest of the operations is done automatically by machines (i.e building, gluing, and drilling the layers together with the handling of the finished wall), according to a statement by the company.

The system that has been developed by Redblocsystems is unique in the market given the fact that the wall is ready for transport in just forty minutes after its construction and no reinforcement is needed in the finished wall. This modern JIT manufacturing approach significantly enhances the efficiency, ease of use and responsiveness of the plant. Together with other important developments like the reusable wall lifting system and the efficient and cost-effective application of the bonding mean are enough to give an important competitive advantage to the investors that are selecting Redblocsystems.


High productivity and quality

As in the fully automatic version, the creation of the construction drawings of the walls from the architectural ones is done seamlessly with a combination of special software and the information is reaching the people that are building the layer via a screen. This very important feature essentially means that all kinds of different drawings can be implemented through a made-to-order system. In addition, the use of a special glue as a bonding mean ensures further the simplicity and efficiency of the line.

Such a system, even though not fully automatic ensures high productivity and quality since it involves operations in a controlled industrial environment and process. The line is designed in such a way that it can be easily upgraded to a fully automatic one. Redblocsystems and Sabo have developed for their prospective customers a phased investment that can be applied by scaling up not only the level of automation but also the functionality of the plant in various steps.

Such an introductory line gives the ability to companies from the building sector to enter prefabrication with the minimum amount of necessary investment and proceed more cautious according to the market outlook. This has already created big interest to many sector participants that are considering introducing prefabrication solutions in the market.


Fourth plant is currently being built

This was the third project delivered after the installation of a fully automatic plant in Saint- Georgen, Austria, and a line in Italy which, in fact, processes AAC blocks instead of ceramic bricks. A fourth one – also fully automatic - is currently installed in West Austria. This fourth one together with the one delivered in Saint-Georgen are incorporating a very high level of functionality and wall building options that can meet high standards and special wall requirements. The close cooperation between Sabo and Redblocsystems ensures that each new plant encompasses new optimizations and improvements built on the experience gained from the previous plants.

Finally, through such lines and solutions a traditional product like the ceramic block with long history, big evolution and superior properties can continue to thrive in a world that is trying to embrace the many real benefits of the prefabrication, Sabo and Redblocsystems agree.


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