Bongioanni scores another goal in Central Africa

In a country where bricks have been virtually squeezed out of the market by concrete, a prominent businessman has recently re-opened a brick factory with his team. For the new start, they chose Bongioanni’s Tecno 450 extruder, a machine which has reinforced its presence in this continent.

This plant will initially supply different wall materials to a building company for the realization of various university buildings. The customer chose a partnership with Bongioanni Stampi – the Italian company based in Fossano supplied eight extrusion dies. For the large production materials, Bongioanni Stampi supplied Gamma Plus extrusion dies with conical structure as well as frames and cores in wear-resistant ceramic materials. For the sunscreen products requested by the renowned architectural office commissioned for the project, Beta Plus dies made of wear-resistant steel were chosen.

Bongioanni Macchine S.p.A.


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