Ceric is working simultaneously on several plant projects in Algeria

For Ceric 2014 holds great challenges: the development of numerous innovations, signing of new contracts in Algeria and other countries and always many ongoing projects on Algerian territory.


Assembly of the Sfapromaco plant, with a capacity of 2 x 80 000 t/year, is still ongoing. This double production line includes two kilns, two dryers, and two sets of product handling and fabrication machinery. The material for the two production lines will be supplied by a Pelerin clay preparation unit. 60% of the assembly work on the first line has been completed, while the second line is being assembled parallel. For commissioning of the first line in the third quarter of 2014, Ceric’s experienced start-up teams will be deployed for several months. Once the first line has been started up, commissioning of the second line will happen. The client, who already owns several Ceric production lines in the Oran area, expressed the wish to work with the same supplier in the expansion of its production lines. The installation of a new brick plant in the outskirts of the city of Batna far from the customer’s base required a strong trust-based relationship with Ceric and testifies to the perfect continuation of a long and successful business partnership.


At the same time, also in the Batna area, Protimgad has entrusted Ceric with the building of a third production line at its Timgad site. With a capacity of 120 000 t/year, including one kiln, one dryer and all associated handling machinery, this new line is housed in a new building and will also include a Pelerin preparation and shaping line. The installation work is on the verge of completion so that Ceric can soon start with commissioning. The plant was built in record time by the customers’ technicians and those of Ceric. The first bricks are set to be produced before the end of the summer. Ceric was selected by the client based on several key criteria:
› speed of execution
› outstanding performance/longevity ratio of the equipment used in the first two Ceric production lines
› strict observance of the contract


The assembly of the Taghaste Brickworks is also being finalized and is close to breaking records for speed of assembly. Although the Ceric team only arrived on site in September 2013, wiring of the plant is already scheduled for June 2014. Thanks to the success story of the Taghaste 1, the plant started up in 2011, the client chose Ceric for the installation of Taghaste 2. This new brick plant with a capacity of 160 000 t/year will be equipped with one kiln, one dryer, several tested automatic handling machines such as loader, stacking machine, dehacking machine, packing machine as well as a Pelerin preparation and shaping machine. A further improved side excavator, also from the Pelerin range, and its two dedusting machines complete this fully automated installation.

The first line included several preparation and shaping machines made in Italy, but for this second investment, the client opted for all Pelerin machines as they are known for their robustness and reliability. A third installation is to be realized in 2014.


The Belhoul Brickworks for 140 000 t/year, which is equipped with the full range of Ceric machines from clay feed to packaging, is also in the start-up phase. The client has entrusted Ceric with this first line, which represents a major investment. Thanks to the client’s professionalism, this site can be completed efficiently to ensure rapid start-up of the facilities. Ceric is working full on to optimize this new production plant so as to create a basis for the client’s re-investments with Ceric in the future.
The Branis brickworks in Biskra, a long-standing Ceric customer, opted in its investment for innovation and Ceric. At a pharaonic site, an oversized plant was built, which is equipped with an innovative APR dryer, a Pelerin Demeter extruder, a high-volume pit excavator, the widest Casing kiln ever built in Algeria.

Commissioned at the beginning of January 2014, the Branis plant will probably be seen as a springboard for high-capacity production facilities for very high-quality products. If one day the brick market stabilizes or even collapses, these plants are prepared. Their return on investment comes from machines and equipment requiring low maintenance, but with high performance and wide flexibility.


In 2014 the Cebrick plant in the administrative district of Oran will be started up. It is equipped 100% with machinery and equipment as well as a pit excavator supplied by Ceric. It is set to reach a production capacity of 200 000 t/year. Following the installation of two production lines in Arzew, also in the Oran administrative district, the client is again placing his trust in Ceric. After the quarry that will allow the client to produce the quality he requires was found in just three weeks, the contract was immediately signed and the civil work started. The company owner said: “I want you to do exactly the same thing as you did for me in Arzew. There is no point in changing anything!” Speed and efficiency: these mottos correspond perfectly to the Ceric philosophy and presented challenges that the Ceric team gladly took on.

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