Ceric strengthens its position in the Maghreb with the installation of new plants

Despite the adverse global economy, 2014 proved a very successful year for Ceric and the company expects a similar outcome for 2015. Ceric is continuing its programme of research and development in 2015 and will further consolidate its position on the global market. Ceric Technologies has been successful, for example, in the Maghreb, especially in Algeria.

Ceric commissioning

five new brick plants in Algeria in 2015

In the region of Batna, assembly of the Sfapromaco plant (2 x 80 000 t/year) was completed at the beginning of 2015. The first line will be commissioned in March and the production start-up for the second line is scheduled for June 2015. As this new plant is located far away from the customer’s headquarters, very high standards were stipulated for erection as well as commissioning of the plant for both Ceric and the customer.

Protimgad 3 is already the third line that Ceric is delivering to this customer. Thanks to the customer’s long-standing relationship with Ceric, the plant was able to reach its nominal capacity of 120 000 t/year in an exceptionally short timeframe. Ceric has supplied all key pieces of equipment – from a complete clay preparation line to the Casing kiln. This customer chose Ceric as the supplier thanks to his previous experience with the reliable and high-performance equipment installed in the first two plants. Moreover, this new line has been equipped with a sand scalper as well as a new generation of lateral hydraulic reclaimer. The new Pelerin 20 FVGH 10 is the latest addition to Ceric’s range of machinery and features innovations such as a new chain guide system, automatic chain lubrication and reinforced chain.

Taghaste 2 is the second plant located in the Prefecture of Souk Ahras city. It has a capacity of 160 000 t/year and is erected on the same site as the first plant that Ceric commissioned back in 2010 for the same customer. This customer chose to remain loyal to Ceric for this new plant and decided to buy a production line equipped exclusively with Ceric technology. Commissioning started in late 2014 and the first batch of bricks came out of the kiln at the end of February 2015. This project includes numerous improvements:

two complete high-performance de-dusting devices to ensure a clean and safe working environment

a new Pelerin tooth crusher enables the reduction of the size of the clay lumps from the clay pit, even during the extremely humid winter months common in this region

a new Pelerin 20 FVGH 10 reclaimer

a new Pelerin 600 ErN Mrp10-24 extruder, which replaces a competitor’s model in Plant 1

Belhoul is another new plant to be commissioned by Ceric by the end of April. Heavy clay production is new to this customer. Ceric’s wide experience and proven quality were key elements that convinced the customer to build this new plant with a capacity of 140 000 t/year. This customer particularly appreciates all the assistance that Ceric’s team provides whether it is follow-up, supervision of the plant erection or training of the plant operatives. It is part of Ceric’s scope of service to assist its clients in order to guarantee performance and smooth operation. This kind of service is also available for existing customers in Algeria through Ceric’s subsidiary in Algeria, Ceric Technologies El Djazaïr based in Oran. Ceric Technologies El Djazaïr team offers training, process improvement, spare part supplies, servicing and maintenance to all heavy clay operators in Algeria.

Cebrik is the fifth plant to be commissioned by Ceric in 2015. It is located near Oran. With a capacity of 200 000 t/year, this plant has already reached the final stage of assembly. It is scheduled to start up in May 2015, just twelve months after building started. The customer chose to install the latest reclaimer: the “on bridge” Pelerin 23 FG11 P16 reclaimer with a capacity of 130 m3 per hour, with 16 m in width.

More projects in Maghreb

Ceric’s activity in the Maghreb is not limited to Algeria. Two contracts for new plants in Libya were signed in 2014 and building has already started. One plant with a capacity of 600 t/day is being built in the Tripoli area and one with a capacity of 300 t/day is being erected in Misrata. Shipping for these two complete lines – from clay preparation (Pelerin equipment) to fired brick packaging – took place in the second half of 2014 and at the beginning of 2015. Installation on site is scheduled for mid-2015 and commissioning for 2016.

For the last 50 years Ceric has supported innovation, improvement and flexibility and will continue to do so. Ceric’s customers benefit from this dedication and countless loyal customers can vouch for this. These are key elements that allow Ceric to realize new high-quality plant projects of any kind and any size in very short timeframes.

Ceric Technologies


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