Change of ownership and management at Iphigenie Bergbau

On the occasion of the 100-year anniversary of Iphigenie Bergbau GmbH in October 2020, Gerold Marondel passed on the company, founded in 1920 as Gewerkschaft Iphigenie, to the new shareholders Berthold and Dr. Fritz Mödinger. Berthold Müller is the new Managing Director, assisted by his wife Andrea.

In the context of the change of ownership, the company’s head office will be moved from Staufenberg to the immediate vicinity of the quarries near Herborn-Schönbach, the former site of the laboratory and development.

The new management announced that in future the delivery program will be significantly expanded. The high-quality raw materials, the trademark of Iphigenie Bergbau, will remain in the portfolio: Crude clays and ceramic clay mixes, optionally cloddy, shredded, crumbled, screened or ground, sealing clays for sealing landfills and embankments and clays as additives to loam plasters and potting soils.


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