Cleia takes over Ceric

The French engineering company Cleia, newly associated with its Belgian partner Ceratec, has finalized the acquisition of Ceric Technologies.

Ceric, a recognized brand in heavy clay ceramics, has accomplished pioneering work in many technologies within the sector, making a significant contribution to the further development of the clay brick and tile industry. This strategic consolidation will position Cleia as a world market leader in the supply of turnkey plants for the production of construction materials. Pelerin, Ceric’s long-standing subsidiary and manufacturer of preparation and shaping machines, has also been taken over in partnership with the BMI Group.

Cleia will use synergies created by the takeover to further expand its portfolio both on the domestic and international markets. Cleia will continue all of Ceric’s service and industrial process activities: dryers, kilns and kiln cars, automatic handling equipment and industry software.



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