Direxa and Incerpaz inaugurate “Ceramica Estructural”

In 2013 Direxa Engineering installed a modern brick plant for the Incerpaz Group in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. “Ceramica Estructural” is the first fully automatic production line for the Incerpaz Group, a Bolivian market leader in masonry bricks and roofing tiles.

The automatic brick plant is the result of the good cooperation between Incerpaz and Direxa. The project minimized transport costs and import taxes as Direxa had trained the local suppliers in Bolivia and Brazil so that they could manufacture most of the equipment and structures needed.

Ceramica Estructural produces 400 t per day of bricks and structural blocks. The complete production line was installed in a single building measuring 30 m x 180 m and includes everything from preparation, through extrusion, drying and firing to palletizing.

For this project, Direxa choose the “Chinook balancelle” dryer. This drying process allows continuous ventilation and rapid drying in just three hours. The “Chinook” also allows easy automation, and a compact layout.

The installed kiln is a Direxa perfectly sealed kiln with a steel structure. This allows firing with high pressure and homogeneity, enabling outstanding product quality and low energy consumption. The PCCER program automatically monitors drying and firing. It controls the burners and air flows.

Loading and unloading of the dryer are automatic. The kiln car setter uses a robot. To facilitate palletizing and automation, packs measuring 1200 x 1200 mm were chosen. An unloading gripper palletizes the products.

Ceramica Estructural data

› Production: 400 t/day
› Fuel: gas
› Chinook dryer: 6 m x 80 m
› Kiln: 4 m internal x 130 m
› Building: 30 m x 180 m

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