Institute for Building and Environment

EPD to facilitate the planning of sustainable buildings

According to the latest Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) of the Institute for Building and the Environment, the ecological quality of classic masonry bricks (unfilled) as well as high-tech masonry bricks (filled) for lowest-energy buildings has improved significantly compared to the EPD from 2015. For example, greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacturing phase were reduced by around 20 percent, and the proportion of secondary raw materials in production increased to around 25 percent on average. „The pleasing results show that we are making good progress on the path to climate neutrality outlined in our roadmap and have reached important milestones,“ says Dr Matthias Frederichs, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of the German Brick and Tile Industry.


20 percent CO2 savings with hollow bricks

The declaration of the hollow bricks was made according to the new standard (EN 15804+A2), which, in addition to the manufacturing phase, also takes modules C (deconstruction) and D (credits) into account. The environmental impacts over the entire life cycle of 150 years were considered. EPD were also prepared according to the old standard in order to ensure the transition between the two standards. EPD are important cornerstones in sustainability certification.


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