Energy efficiency initiative in Italy receives an award

At the Ecomondo trade fair in Rimini in November 2014, Andil, the Italian Brickmakers Association, together with Syneco, an energy service company based in the South Tyrol, was presented with an award for its innovative energy efficiency project by FIRE, the Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy.

Through the project (see Zi Brick and Tile Industry International 11/2013, p. 43), companies with a lower energy consumption than the market average receive back a part of the investments made to achieve this improvement in efficiency through the sale of “white certificates”. In the scope of the project, more than 60 proposals were assessed and ultimately 20 proposals that complied with rules and requirements were submitted. These projects, which will run over a period of five years, have so far generated total revenues of more than € 2 mill. for the brick companies. In the first year of the project more than 920 000 MWh in thermal and electric energy have been saved.

Fritz Mödinger



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