No uniform trend in the Italian clay brick and tile industry

The motto of this year’s annual assembly of the Italian Brick Association Andil was “Changing and growing -  looking at the future with optimism”. The key focus was, as in the past, the difficult market situation in Italy, which has seen only a very modest increase in clay brick and tile production.

This year, the members of the Italian Brick Association Andil gathered for the Association’s annual meeting in Catania on 10 June. This Sicilian city, on the foothills of Mount Etna, has a rich Greek, Roman and Arabic history. The history of the firing of clay bricks dates back at least to Greek times.

At the annual assembly, the current figures were presented: in Italy both the number of employees in the clay brick and tile industry (around 4 000 compared to over 9 000 in the year 2007) and the plants in operation (116 compared to 231 in the year 2007) have decreased. The plants are...

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