Experience with recertification in compliance with ISO 50003

Since 14 October 2017, initial and re-certification must comply with DIN ISO 50003. Since March 2018, according to the requirement of DakkS, the German accreditation body, DIN ISO 50003 should be applied by auditors for verification audits, too.

Since then, a certificate should be issued based on proof of a functional management system and a proven improvement in the “energy performance”.

In addition, several guidelines on the implementation of specific parts of ISO 50001 have been published. ISO 50003 specifies more precise requirements in that energy savings/improvements in efficiency will in future be necessary and must be plausibly proven to the auditor/certification body. Any not achieved improvement in the energy-related performance can therefore be rated as a deviation.

That means that without documentation of measured data, no plausible proof is possible

Dr.-Ing. Volker Albrecht, Energiemanagement & Consulting


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