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Fired graffiti protection: Ceramic façade tiles defy defacement

For local authorities, building owners and residents, the removal of graffiti from building walls is often associated with considerable costs as well as being very time-consuming. For this reason, it is a good idea to take this problem into account already in the selection of a facade cladding.

An efficient and economical solution is offered by Tonality with ceramic facade tiles. These already come with integrated graffiti protection. This guarantees that the building envelope remains visually attractive over its entire service life – regardless of how often it is painted or sprayed on.

The products are endowed with their special surface quality during the actual production process. Here, very finely prepared high-grade clays are first compressed under vacuum. The coating is then applied with a special glaze, which is based on a formula containing certain glass minerals and colour pigments. After being dried, the ceramic bodies are fired at temperatures exceeding 1 200 °C in the Keralis sinter-firing process.

Tonality tile surfaces are acid- and alkali-resistant and are not damaged by the cleaning process. Unwanted scrawls can be simply wiped off the surface of the facade tiles with a soft cloth and a solution containing alcohol or solvent or suitable graffiti removers. This reduces maintenance work to a minimum. The time and cost saving is a crucial factor for homeowners, businesses as well as city and local authorities. The sinter firing process also endows the facade tiles with other key properties like resistance to pressure, impact and scratches as well as frost resistance. Their smooth surface is the result of the special production process. It is colour-fast and UV-resistant as well as being dirt-repellent. Thanks to these properties, the ceramic tiles are suited for use in the design of underground train stations or railway stations.

The variety of colours, surface finishes and formats gives architects, planners and building owners wide scope for them to realize a high-quality building envelope, says Tonality.


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