Hagemeister: Energy bricks and new brick products

Together with Münster University of Applied Sciences, an energy brick has been developed that, in addition to the existing photovoltaic and geothermal technologies, gives building owners the possibility to generate energy and save costs. When the bricks are laid, a thin pipe is placed inside the bricks through which a liquid is circulated that is cooled down by means of a cooling unit. Once laid in the façades, the bricks utilize solar radiation: this hits the surface and is converted into thermal energy. A part of this energy is given off back into the environment, another part leads to heating of the brick, this heat is then taken off via the pipes and fed to a heat pump. The system is easy to install, requires relatively low investment, is almost completely maintenance-free and does not incur any follow-on costs for cleaning or similar.

With their earthy shades, the new “Leeds” and “Wales” bricks stand for a natural integrity. “Leeds” features a greyish slate shading with sometimes matt and sometimes reflecting parts. The dominant feature of the “Wales” product is the colour balance: related earthy shades blend in with each other to give a harmonious look, while rough, haptically appealing clay faults appear close-up.

In the red and reddish-blue variegated range are the new “Büsum” and “Wilhelmshaven” bricks. Their surface is reminiscent of the rough tidelands and the façades of old Frisian cottages.

“Langeland” with its long shape also reveals a northern influence. With a slight fired marking, the whitish-greyish brick appears calm and light.


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