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Ilse Aigner dedicates new tunnel kiln at Leipfinger Bader

Leipfinger Bader brickworks in Vatersdorf has just completed the biggest individual capital investment in the company‘s 150-year history: a brand-new high-performance firing system. This concludes the continuous modernization of the company‘s main plant in Vatersdorf, Lower Bavaria. In the course of six years, the conversion project cost an overall € 12 million, including € 5 million for a new, 91 meter-long tunnel kiln. It took only ten weeks to remove the old plant and replace it with an energy conserving, highly efficient firing system.

On the occasion of its official inauguration on May 4, 2016, Bavaria‘s Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, spoke on the importance of mid-range companies for Bavaria‘s construction sector. She called attention to the shared responsibility of the state‘s political and economic partners to promote the energy transition while assuaging the high demand for housing.

The project was fostered by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology within the scope of the „Bavarian Energy Research Programme“, the purpose of which is to explore and develop innovative energy technologies, with emphasis on economic viability and environmental compatibility.

Leipfinger Bader KG

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