Innovation and optimization

Talleres Felipe Verdés, S.A., the Spanish company specializing in preparation and shaping machines, offers a wide range of products for all types of ceramic raw materials and production conditions, from dry grinding with hammer or pendulum mills or wet grinding using more common or universal processes, such as wet pan mills or disintegrators. This article provides a brief overview of the company’s innovation and optimization policy, in terms of both the design and features of the machines developed and manufactured by Verdés.

The clay brick and tile industry is known for its conservatism and, once the first few units have been designed and built, it is common for a manufacturer’s equipment to go unchanged for decades, discounting the small, almost imperceptible improvements implemented over time.

In the scope of a project covering all areas of its expertise, Verdés has redesigned its entire range of equipment. Year by year, envisaged improvements were trialed and highly ambitious goals set both with regard to the features of the machines that the company engineers and the processes for manufacturing the machines. Up...

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