Optimum façade installation sets the scene for ambitious architecture

Back in the 14th century, the Weser island of Stadtwerder in Bremen was already the hub of urban life. And living ­between the two rivers is still something special today. In the Meridian residential complex, Hamburg-based architect Lars Wittorf ideally coordinated his architectural concept with functional requirements. The brick façade typical for the region envelopes the building in a composition created by an interplay of light and colour.

Lars Wittorf modelled the basic form as a clearly structured cube. For the façade, Wittorf chose clay brick. Using the different faces of the bricks gives the architect outstanding design possibilities. Particularly rustic-looking backs of the bricks are exposed in the fair face of the façade. Thanks to the different surface finishes, light reflections result as an additional visual attraction. In addition, the extruded brick impresses with vibrant colours between bluish black and lighter red reflexes.

On 3 600 m2, a total of 191 000 bricks were used. Another appealing aspect of the façade is achieved with a two-millimetre-recessed joint. This accentuates the sculptural concept of the ­architecture.


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