Philipp Schülein – Managing partner at Rehart GmbH

Effective January 1, 2019, Klaus Schülein, managing partner at Rehart GmbH, has appointed his son Philipp as managing partner at Rehart GmbH.

With that, the young generation is now assuming yet more responsibility within the successful family enterprise and is poised to exert decisive influence on Rehart‘s future fortunes.

Philipp Schülein graduated from the Ansbach School of Mechanical Engineering in 2009 as an industrial mechanic, then went on to train as a mechanical technician at the Rudolf Diesel Technical College in Nuremberg, completing his studies in 2017. Next, the 29-year-old went to work for Schnelldorfer Maschinenbau until, in June 2017, he joined Rehart GmbH as an executive assistant.

Now, as of January 2019, he has closed ranks with his father Klaus Schülein as managing partners at Rehart GmbH.

Rehart GmbH


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