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Please help street children get training as factory brickmakers!

The West African street-children benefit society “laaf e.V. – Hilfe für Straßenkinder in Westafrika” is dedicated to helping street children in Western Africa by providing them with school education and vocational training.

The first donation-funded school-cum-skilled crafts and trades centre is planned for construction in the Casamance region of southern Senegal. There, children are to receive training as factory brickmakers in a „mason“ course of training. The benefit society is acting under the patronage of German parliament member Dr. Karamba Diaby. For more information, please go to //" target="_blank" >

Please help improve the lot of street children! Donate now!

Donations account:

laaf e.V., IBAN: DE19 1001 0010 0865 7221 06, keyword: Manufakturziegler


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