Cleia project supported by Ademe and Total

Reducing energy consumption in tunnel kilns

Ademe, the French governmental agency for environmental protection, and the Total energy group have initiated a programme to support innovative projects for improving energy efficiency and have chosen to support the “Kiln Deforcet” (Development for Reduction of Consumption and Energy Transformation) project developed by Cleia.

This is the first success for this ambitious project, which aims to reduce by more than 25% the energy consumption in industrial tunnel kilns for firing heavy clay building materials and is part of a considerable investment made by Cleia in R&D projects.

The “Kiln Deforcet” project, which is the subject of a patent registered in the first half of 2013, meets the economic and strategic needs of the industry and makes provision for current environmental issues.

The next phase of the project will involve the construction of an in situ demonstrator with an industrial partner.


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