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T.E.S. System – optimization of the control system and monitoring of extrusion processes

At ceramitec, the Italian plant engineering company Bongioanni Macchine presented its new T.E.S. system for optimization of the control and monitoring of extrusion processes.

The T.E.S. system combines existing systems – like, for instance, the RAV system – with new trail-blazing solutions, such as the cement lining for the extrusion cylinder, the lining in polycarbonate material for the pressure head and the use of highly efficient extrusion dies like, for instance, Omega and Gamma Plus types.

The T.E.S. system has been designed in a Siemens development environment (TIA Portal V14 and S7) and it presents itself as a user-friendly, intuitive and readily understandable touchscreen graphic interface, inspired by Industry 4.0 and characterized by ground-breaking features and functionalities:

Automatic control and running of the extrusion system

Advanced manufacturing solutions with the shorter set-up times

Real-time adaptations of parameters for efficient use of energy

Interaction of human and machine to improve the control of production processes and the plant’s diagnostics

The collection of “Big Data” alarms and data, as well as the analysis of production data can be consulted and are available on an Excel sheets, with the aim of optimizing production and production processes

In addition to this, T.E.S. integrates the other revolutionary system patented by Bongioanni Macchine for the automatic control of auger’s rotational speed: the RAV System (Speed Automatic adjustment), fitted on all Bongioanni’s extruders and allowing monitoring of the filling level of the vacuum chamber. The software of the system records any variation attributed to the maximum and minimum values and adjusts the frequency inverter, thus changing the rotational speed of the auger to keep it at the optimum rotational speed without the intervention of the responsible operative. Advantages are:

Consistent and steady feeding of clay to the extrusion die and better performance of the extruder

Lengthening of extruder’s useful lifespan and reduction of the extruder’s maintenance costs

Cut in production costs and reduction of potential human errors

The additional functions offered by this system enable:

Collection of data about the operating conditions of the extruder and de-airing mixer (with regard to output, consumption, processing power …)

Control of filling/emptying processes of extruder’s group

Export of the collection of data and alarms (Big Data) by means of USB and remote monitoring

Display of working times, split based on production cycle status

FEM for roofing tile optimization

Furthermore, thanks to the FEM calculation (Finite Element Method) Bongioanni Macchine has succeeded in further improving the design and shape of roofing tiles, in order to attain the best mechanical strength with the optimization of weight and the consequent reduction of energy required for the manufacture and transportation of the tile.

For this purpose, innovative software is used, that allows a reproduction of the stresses acting on the tile on the roof and simulation of the laboratory strength resistance tests that ensure the compliance with the regulations, thus replacing most of the field tests which were previously essential.

Bongioanni Macchine S.p.A.


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