The Brazilian ceramic industry extends invitation

The heavy clay industry plays an important role in the Brazilian economy. With annual sales exceeding 6 bill. dollars, it creates millions of jobs in rural areas, supports local development, generates income opportunities, promotes its employee development and prevents rural exodus.

Today, the sector accounts for 4.8% of Brazil‘s construction industry and creates around 300000 direct and 900000 indirect jobs. According to IBGE/Federal Government, the sector comprises 6903 companies, with revenue in excess of than BRL 18 bill. per year. Monthly, more than 4 bill. clay partition blocks and structural blocks, and 1.3 bill. roofing tiles are manufactured.

Today, our companies are more solid, our investments more significant and we achieve the results that we need as ceramics entrepreneurs. We are much more aware of our responsibilities as a whole. Technological evolution is progressing in the direction of sustainable growth and social responsibility. Those who do not understand that will be going against the history of clay bricks and construction as a whole. Even though we already manufacture efficient products, we are taking great strides towards meeting the sustainability requirements currently imposed on us. A growing number of brickworks has been installing equipment that use renewable fuels such as biogas.

In this optimistic scenario at Anicer, labour unions, associations, cooperatives and affiliated companies, it is important to emphasize the essential role that our National Meeting and Expoanicer play. The heavy clay industry has learnt that the equipment innovation and upgrade is a necessary factor for good business development, and greater efforts are required in respect of energy, personal development and natural resources. For this reason, the entrepreneur who thinks about the future will also attend the National Meeting, an event that facilitates discussion between national and international clay brick and tile manufacturers and plant suppliers.

As such, I should like to greet the brick and tile makers from abroad and take this opportunity to invite them to this key event in the Brazilian heavy clay industry. We also invite the suppliers of automation and cutting-edge technology to exhibit at our event and supply innovative and modern solutions in machinery and equipment to the Brazilian companies. We shall be delighted to welcome you to the 44th National Heavy Clay Industry Meeting and the 18th Expoanicer from 1 6­19 September 2015, at the Centro de Eventos Fiergs, in Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Best regards

Cesar Gonçalves
President of the Ceramic Industry National Association – Anicer


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