IMJ brick works in Fesdis, Algeria

The IMJ brick plant – partner to Algeria’s booming construction sector

There is a lot of very dynamic entrepreneurial spirit going around in Algeria these days, and it is spawning numerous construction projects. Ali Ibecheninène, who owns the IMJ brick plant in Fesdis, Wilaya de Batna community, is one such successful entrepreneur. His Ceric-built plant serves the Algerian market with an annual production capacity of 100 000 t of 8-hole hollow bricks (10 x 20 x 30 cm), primarily for partition walls, and 12-hole hollow bricks (15 x 20 x 30 cm), used mostly for erecting exterior walls.

1 Introduction

The plant in Fesdis stands in answer to a solicitation by the Algerian government in pursuance of an ambitious project of vital importance for the people of Algeria: the construction of comfortable, modern, energy-wise new domiciles throughout the country.

The plant was wholly engineered by Ceric teams in cooperation with the customer. Its characteristic features provide all it takes to satisfy the high demands of the domestic market. For Ali Ibecheninène, the plant’s owner/operator, a brick plant is a fantastic tool for “putting an abundant raw material to good use while...

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