The new yearbook "Bricks I Ziegel 2014"

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New Yearbook "Bricks I Ziegel"

You want to order the new Annual "Bricks I Ziegel"? Please contact: Bauverlag BV GmbH Readers' Service department PO Box 120 I 33311 Gütersloh I Germany Phone: +49 (0) 18 05 5 52 25...


GEG-compliant planning with bricks

With the new 95-page GEG Guide, the German Brick and Tile Industry shows how residential buildings made of bricks can be energy efficient and evaluated in compliance with the GEG and KfW. It enables...

Issue 01/2022

Steamed facing bricks with clinker quality

The brickworks Ziegel- und Klinkerwerke Janinhoff and Ringofenwerk Gillrath have been making “steamed facing bricks” with absolute clinker quality for more than 15 years, according to the two...

Issue 10/2012

Architecture I Material I Production

Under this heading, our new annual “Bricks I Ziegel” will be published in November. We have turned the old Zi ­Annual on its head, and with the new edition we not only want to reach the clay brick...

Issue 6/2015

Belgian masonry brick industry in 2014

The economic outlook at the start of 2014 appeared hopeful, but the situation deteriorated over the course of the year. During the second trimester of the year, economic growth in most countries in...