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The result of good and long cooperation: New plant technology at the Stengel brickworks

The mechanical engineering company Lingl Anlagenbau GmbH from Krumbach in Bavaria, Germany, was commissioned in June 2021 by Ziegelwerk Stengel GmbH & Co. KG in Donauwörth, 70 kilometres away, to renew the wet side incl. dryer car transport with loading and unloading and to install a new setting plant. Lingl was commissioned from the planning to the final execution of the machines, but extensive foundation work also had to be carried out. In view of the tense situation on the procurement market and the tight schedule, the timely implementation of the project was „a mammoth task“. This is where the fact that the two companies have been working together for decades stood the test. The new machines were installed on schedule and as agreed. In this interview, the managing director and owner of the family-run brick company, Johannes Stengel, explains the project in more detail.

What were the reasons for replacing the existing plants?

JS: First and foremost, the new plant technology can be expected to significantly increase product quality and plant availability. In addition, we would like to offer the employees a modern, ergonomic workplace in order to remain competitive in the labour market.

Why did you choose Lingl as your partner?

JS: We have been relying on Lingl as a partner at our two locations for decades. For such an extensive project, short and uncomplicated communication channels are essential; here, the already existing personal contacts have proven to be an advantage.

What were the biggest challenges in this project?

JS: During the planning phase, the worldwide supply problems became more and more acute, so that individual components were only available just-in-time. Extensive foundation work had to be carried out in the area of the setting plant, so the very tight schedule of only 10 weeks from dismantling to commissioning was a real mammoth task for everyone involved. Nevertheless, we were able to complete the work on time with the help of other partner companies.

What are the special features of this plant?

JS: The system is characterised by maximum flexibility and gentle product handling. The wet-side robot was equipped with a single brick gripper, the setting robot with five pneumatically movable intermediate tongues. Shuttering tiles can be cut out on the wet side and the dryer trolley transport is carried out with FU-controlled drives.

How are you preparing for the future?

JS: The current climate policy and the tense situation of the global economy are a burden on all companies across all sectors. As a medium-sized company, we naturally see great dangers here in the form of massive cost increases and political events. Nevertheless, we are trying to hold our own in the market with innovative ideas and, not least, state-of-the-art production technology.

Mr Stengel, thank you for the interview!


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