Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Efficiency increase and cost reduction in the clay brick and tile industry – Part 2: Practical guide to the successful implementation of TPM

TPM is not about the maintenance and production departments alone; it is about the organization as a whole. The successful introduction of TPM requires system thinking and a holistic approach. Part 2 addresses the step-by-step implementation of TPM.

1 Introduction

Total Productive Maintenance is a powerful tool to improve equipment and plant efficiency, reduce unit costs, increase output, and as a consequence increase profits. However, TPM is more than profits. Workforce and staff empowerment, human resource development and the breakdown of hierarchical and functional barriers, the change of corporate culture towards a participatory and cooperative leadership style, will create a sense of purpose, mutual respect and trust and work satisfaction. TPM creates a win-win situation between shareholders and stakeholders.

Not every TPM installation...

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