Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Krahl

Use of a digital microscope for quality testing of structural clay products

For many different forms of industrial testing, a digital microscope offers advantages over conventional stereoscopic or light-optical microscopes. This applies in particular to the inspection of surfaces and fracture faces, the analysis of inclined or vertical surfaces and the on-site inspection of large components. This article illustrates the technology‘s potential by way of case examples.

1 Introduction

Since October 2016, Keramik-Institut GmbH has been using a VHX 5000 digital microscope (»1) to examine sample specimens made of sundry ceramic materials. The microscope is equipped with:

a control unit and graphics system

a standard VHX camera

a 20–200 x zoom lens

a tripod with free-angle viewing

an XY stage

a motorized Z axis for automatic height adjustment


2 Advantages of digital microscopy

A digital microscope offers the following advantages over a conventional microscope:


2.1 Optimized digital imaging

Since a digital microscope has no ocular, the live image can be shown at a high...

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