Verdés supplies Orient Holding Group’s new plant in Uzbekistan

The new plant of the private conglomerate Orient Holding Group, Uzbekistan, has a planned capacity of 1 200 t/day, with a wide product portfolio – from the local common bricks to large-size hollow blocks.

This challenging project was awarded to Verdés and started in October 2017. Together with Sabo (who was the main contractor) and after several technical consultations, Verdés agreed with the customer the specifications as well as customization of the project. Twenty months later the brick plant started up operation.

The grinding as well as the shaping line was fully engineered by Verdés on the basis of intensive trials conducted previously with Verdés equipment at the plant engineer’s technological ceramic laboratory. These tests guaranteed the best performance with regard to particle size distribution as well as stiffness of the products.

The grinding line starts with a robust primary crusher responsible for breaking down big lumps of clay to a 20th of their original size. Downstream of the primary crusher is a wet grinding process comprising a disintegrator, roller mill and mixer. At the exit of the mixer, the grinding line guarantees 90 t/h. The clay mixture is aged in a bay storage with a capacity of 7 500 m3. The line allows the clay mixture to automatically bypass the aging facility as required.

An automatic and precise reclaimer links the grinding area with the shaping line. This reclaimer is digitally connected with the feeder, which ensures full flexibility for maintenance operations without adversely affecting the plant’s daily production capacity.

Before reaching the extruder, the mixture is ground to 0.7 mm by two series-connected roller mills. The two roller mills are equipped with electronic and automatic gap adjustment to ensure the required particle size distribution of the ground product, which is then homogenized and mixed in a circular screen feeder.

At the end of the shaping line, the Magna 775 extruder guarantees production from 60 to 100 t/h with three types of product: solid bricks, hollow bricks and blocks. The extruder stands on an elevating frame, which can be used to adjust the height of the extrusion axis depending on the type of product.

To guarantee the quality and performance of the installed plant, a complete set of original spare parts was supplied together with the line. Verdés not only sees itself as a machinery supplier but a partner offering solutions that are not limited to equipment, but also provide business continuity (spare parts) and numerous services available for customers.

In addition, one of the latest services is the customized online access that gives the customer access to all the technical documentation related to their equipment and to maintain direct contact in relation to all after-sales matters such as spare parts, technical queries and so on.

Parallel to this, this modern installation has also been equipped with a completed ceramic laboratory including Verdés machines for grinding and shaping. Thanks to this laboratory, the Orient Holding technicians can trial the optimal blends to obtain the highest performance of the final product.

Talleres Felipe Verdés, S.A.


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