Strengthening its position in façades

Wienerberger takes over Ammonit Keramik

At the end of August 2020, Wienerberger GmbH took over Ammonit Keramik, a company with a wide range of brick slips made of fired clay as well as façade solutions, which offer unique attributes especially outside Germany.

“With its Corium product, Ammonit Keramik has a unique position in the product sector for rainscreen cladding systems in the international market. In addition Ammonit offers an interesting portfolio of brick slip products made of clay, the share of which is steadily growing in the national and international market. With the takeover, Wienerberger can cater better for the current market requirements in façades, expand its production capacity for brick slips and further increase its market penetration as a result. On the German market, we shall continue with the Ammonit brand name and the company’s successful sales. In this way, we are creating synergies in our existing range for the façades market”, explains Arnold van Wetten, Managing Director at Ammonit Keramik.

A large share of Ammonit Keramik production is Corium brick cladding, which is currently exported mainly to Great Britain. The brick cladding system combines the natural beauty of real brick with low-cost and fast installation.

Wienerberger GmbH


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