Creaton has a new sales structure

Creaton AG restructured its sales organization in 2015:
> The Austrian subsidiary Creaton GmbH was integrated into Creaton AG. This fusion of the two companies not only simplified the corporate structure, it was also intended to increase the company's clout on the German-language market
> The sales team responsible for "Tonality" ceramic cladding tiles was integrated into the Creaton sales organization as an independent division in order to better exploit the sales and marketing synergies on the individual markets
> Creaton AG has assumed responsibility for the clay roof tile exporting operations of the ETEX Group enterprise EBM Export in order to systematically generate more sales potential on profitable export markets.
Since 2016, all 75 of Kreaton's Germany-based field sales specialists are now enjoying the facilitative support of the key account sales team Professionelle Bauherren (~ professional builders).

Creaton AG


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