01.02.2010 News: Ceric restructuration on its way

Ceric, which was created in 1960 by two chartered engineers, designs and manufactures equipment for the heavy clay industry. As the years went by, Ceric successfully integrated step by step each one of the technologies requested by this business:

> Raw material grinding

> Extrusion

> Thermal treatment (Drying and firing)

> Automatic handling and robotics

> Computerized management systems

A difficult economic patch…
Today, Ceric is facing a difficult economic cycle, going through receivership and leading to a resale programme. Tomorrow, Ceric will keep all of its historic expertise and know-how in order to assist its customers. Its size adapted to the market will lead to a better proximity, a mutual listening and a sharpened competitiveness, while allowing a good development potential. "Our ambition is to make sure Ceric is back among the great world-wide players of the business" say the holders of the project. At the moment, two serious cost-effective alternatives are being submitted to the receivers. They gather the necessary energies and means, both inside and outside the company. "Those continuation plans are made and supported by the managers of the company to meet the requirements of all of our customers." they add.

Ceric’s upturn will use promising markets requiring simple and sturdy factories. "Our main strengths are Ceric’s brand image, Pelerin machines, Ceric Anjou dryer and Ceric Casing kiln." Ceric will then ensure the service in favour of all the existing plants built by Ceric in the past, making sure they can get the benefit of new technologies. "We do thank our customers for their trust and support and we can assure them that all possible steps are being taken to restart Ceric by the end of February.


94 rue de Provence   I   75009 Paris    I   France

T +33 1 53 05 55 00   I   F + 33 1 43 12 92 30

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