15.11.2011 News: Elster Kromschröder presents the Internet-based KST knowledge platform

Comprehensive system knowledge is particularly valuable for planners and operators of thermoprocessing equipment. Their requirements stretch from knowledge of the physical interrelations, through compliance with legal documents such as national and international Directives and Standards, to experience of different devices and fittings and the way they interact within a system. The new “Kromschröder System Technology” (KST) knowledge platform continues to offer support and planning assistance to all planners and equipment operators, whether they are experts or newcomers, – however, now it is also available as an up-to-date system on the Internet. The user can therefore make sure that the company reacts quickly to changes and innovations and the KST is accordingly regularly supplemented and updated.


A key feature of the new KST is its extensive collection of example systems, with gas inlet sections, burner systems and process control systems. Each example is explained in detail using a flowchart with descriptions of the applications and functions. Notes on the system and the naming of possible components are rounded off with a link to the respective reference standards. Extracts from standards are presented descriptively and are understandably prepared with interpretations by specialists and with links to practical examples.


In addition, the functional safety of systems is addressed and methods are described for determination and calculation of the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Performance Level (PL) – factors which are becoming increasingly important. Besides the fundamental explanations, there are notes on the examples of application. Thus, planners and operators will find everything from risk assessments to determinations of the required values for the correct products – including professional integration into a complete system.


As well as further advice for newcomers and experts, a range of tools are available to the user. These applications that can be operated either on-line or off-line, not only assist when dimensioning and selecting valves and pipes, but also when calculating or converting physical values. Beyond this, they also provide support for determining SIL and PL classifications.


With the modern, future-oriented KST platform, Elster Kromschröder is presenting, on the Internet, system knowledge that has been proven over 20 years and which has been available in book form since the start of the 1990s and on CD-ROM since 2011. Further information about KST can be found at www.system-technik.info .



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