Accurate Identification of Products in Goods Conveyance Processes: Beumer Group implements RFID technology

With its excellent competence in intralogistics, the Beumer Group designs bespoke system solutions for its clients from every corner of the globe. The product range of the renowned family company covers conveyance, loading, palletizing and packaging technology as well as sorting and distribution systems. Palletizing, packaging and loading solutions in particular require the accurate identification of goods as a precondition for the effective flow of material. The established solution is to include all relevant information about a product on print labels. The data is given in plain text, graphics or as barcodes for data that has to be readable by scanning. With the introduction of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), the mechanical engineering business based in Beckum has extended its product portfolio to include a non-visible product identification solution.

The Beumer Group has begun to offer the integration of RFID technology in their system solutions. This move of the innovative enterprise is centred on the optimisation of processes and the reduction of procedural costs. The use of Beumer installations with integrated RFID technology is an optimal solution, in particular when it comes to avoiding or countering weak points in the flow of material. Continual stock monitoring and the perfect tracing of goods are only two of the advantages that Beumer can offer its clients.

Global Standardisation

With its products being distributed and used globally, the internationally active Beumer Group plays its part in promoting the standardisation of the parameters for RFID technology, such as the uniform design of the tags and the use of standardised radio frequencies. This means that the information stored on the microchips will in future be readable at any stage in the flow of goods, irrespective of locality. The BEUMER Group is using both active and passive second-generation RFID tags.

Combination with Barcodes

The Beumer Group offers the opportunity to use individual RFID solutions for all sectors of industry, from the chemical and the building industry to the packaging or mail order business.

Traditional barcode systems will, of course, remain an option for product identification. A further possibility is the combination of customary barcode solutions with RFID technology in all product lines.


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