Jens-Uwe Meyer

Making your innovation workshop a success

At innovation workshops, mountains of ideas are often heaped up. These ideas frequently have a serious flaw: either they are not really new or simply not practicable. The main reasons for this: the brainstorming ­session is not structured and the wrong people are sitting in the workshop. Many companies oversee the fact that the right conditions are crucial to finding successful ideas.

1 Success factor 1: Creativity needs restrictions!

“Let us approach the matter openly – with zero restrictions.“ If that is the way you go about finding ideas, then your workshop is bound to fail.

Radically limit the scope of the search! Because if the question to be explored is too general, the participants can soon get very bogged down in their thoughts. Restrictions do not hinder creativity but encourage it. They focus the minds of the participants on the problem and spur the development of creative solutions.

An example: your employees have to develop a new cockpit design for a sports car....

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