Burner group for GCS solid fuel model with hammer mill

The Italian company supplies a solid fuel burner installation, combined with a hammer mill. Every single burner group is equipped with:
› A special frame permitting positioning of the new burners on top of existing ones
› Centrifugal fan with hard steel impeller for the distribution of the coke to the fire points
› Automatic electronic control
› Flexible pipes that connect the manifold to the single fire points; these are fitted with manual valves. The last part of lance is made of steel for high temperatures; each lance is also equipped with inclination regulator and inspection point
› The manifold is complete with regulation flaps that regulate the amount of fuel for each single point of fire (normally from 5 up to 12 kg/hour)
› An electric panel touch screen complete with thermo regulator and thermocouple
› A hammer mill
The maximum solid fuel for each fire point is 12 kg/hour.

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