All-in rooftop solutions by Wienerberger

Roofs are becoming more complicated all the time, and it takes lots of flexibility on the part of roofers to handle all the advan­ces in storm security, sarking, thermal insulation, climate change, evermore stringent rules and regu­lations plus evolving technology.

Wienerberger offers holistic solution packages and has now expanded its portfolio to include insulation products, giving roofers a choice of three new ­KoraTherm on-rafter insulation variants. Depending on the intended application, the company recommends the KoraTherm Eco system for economical on-rafter insulation in combination with between-rafter insulation; KoraTherm Comfort as the best bet for existing roofs; and KoraTherm Max as the most performant variant for shallow installation depths, e.g., in newbuilds. These new insulation options are accompanied by complete layered structures, e.g., on-rafter vapour retarders, sarking membranes, system screws and special ridge/valley sealing strips. All these new systems are easy to install and physicostructurally reliable.

With these new on-rafter insulation variants, Wienerberger is offering future-compliant solutions extending all the way up to passive-house roof standard. In addition to the on-rafter insulation itself, contractors have access to sarking membranes, clay roof tiles, an extensive range of nonceramic accessories and, of course, diverse one-stop services.



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