Deutsche Poroton banks on innovation and expansion

For 2014, the clay-block-producing members of Deutsche Poroton generated sales of € 180 mill. In 2015 they are expecting € 195 mill. – that would correspond to an increase of 8%.

Poroton Managing Director Clemens Kuhlemann attributes this positive expectation to the growing importance of multistorey housing construction especially in built-up areas. Deutsche Poroton intends to intensify its committment to multistorey building. Current top product is the Poroton S line up to compressive strength class 12 with a characteristic masonry compressive strength fk of 5.2 MN/m². “With this type of clay block, buildings with up to nine storeys have already been realized without any problems”,  Kuhlemann stresses.

As shown in the study on “Solid and timber construction for building houses” recently published by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemäßes Bauen e. V. (Working Group on Contemporary Construction), masonry construction is a much more economic building method compared to timber and concrete construction. In apartment buildings, exterior walls built with clay blocks could be built at an approx. 11% cheaper cost than reinforced concrete structures and with around 15% cost benefit compared to timber structures. In the detached houses, exterior walls built with clay masonry could be erected at an around 8 to 9% lower cost than concrete elements and around 11 to 12% cheaper than timber construction, it says in the study.

To support market partners in the ever more complex building design and verification, at Bau 2015 the Association presented new services for the design process with Poroton products.

The member companies produce more than 335 different Poroton products in 17 highly modern plants with just under 1800 employees.

At those interested can find a film on the new service tools and products for Deutsche Poroton’s market partners.

Deutsche Poroton GmbH


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