Industrial humidity transmitters in roof tile production

If no precise readings are available regarding the relative humidity, the quality of many products or pro-cesses may be gravely affected. This is true for the drying of roof tiles as well as for countless additional applications. With the two humidity transmitters 6651 and 6681, Testo now introduces a solution that not only works precisely in challenging environments, but moreover also contributes to a high level of machine availability thanks to condition monitoring.

1 Introduction

It has been a long journey from the first tiles, formed by hand and dried in the sun, to the industrial series production of roof tiles with modern preparation and production technology. The only things that have not changed as of today are the raw materials for roof tile production: loam and clay. Roof tiles in the most diverse forms are created from these two natural raw materials after the preparation and a sequence of additional process steps, such as ageing or maturing, shaping, drying and firing. The drying plays an important role in this process chain that is decisive for...

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