Concepts for reducing exhaust air loss from dryers in the brick and tile industry

The article presents different possibilities for lowering the energy requirement during drying and thus for lowering the loss of exhaust air from drying plants. A description is given of how, with existing drying technology, a reduction of the energy requirement can be achieved. This concerns the widely used chamber dryers, but also continuous dryers. Since the dryer exhaust air is the greatest energy consumer in the brick plant, the article also deals with possibilities for heat recovery from the dryer exhaust air.

1 Dryer exhaust air as the greatest energy consumer

in brick manufacturing

More than half of the energy required altogether for brick manufacturing is used for drying the green products. This is generated only to a smaller extent by direct heating of the supply air to the dryer. For the most part it consists of the enthalpy of the cooling air heated by the cooling down of the bricks in the tunnel kiln. But even this larger portion coming from the tunnel kiln is by no means to be regarded as cost-neutral, because the warm air generated by the fired hot bricks must of course be provided by the...

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