Silo feeder with 2 000 m³ filling volume is operating successfully in Samara, Russia

For more than 100 years the silo feeder has proved itself as a dosing machine in the brick and tile industry. The plant construction company A. Hässler Anlagenbau has brought this reliable machine type with its patented hydraulic forward feed system to new operating sizes.
The idea arose from the need that increasingly large box feeders were required due to constantly rising plant capacities. Furthermore, in terms of their concept, conventional box feeders had reached their limits in regard to wear and reliability. With the innovation according to the Hässler European patent for box feeders these disadvantages are ruled out, so that it is possible to build feeders with a volumetric capacity of up to 3 000 m³.
With a filling content of 2 000 m³, the silo feeder delivered to the company SKKM Samara, Russia, is the largest of its kind realized so far. It has a useful width of 8 000 mm, a useful height of 7 000 mm and a useful length of 38 000 mm. The power requirement for the forward feed lies in the region of 3 kW; further 15 kW are needed for the discharge capacity via 7 paddle units. Due to the slope-like arrangement of the paddle units over the total discharge height of 7 000 mm, an optimum mixing effect is achieved with less than 1% discharge inaccuracy. The feeder is installed before the clay preparation plant and thus replaces the ageing house found at this point in other brick and tile plants. The average daily output capacity amounts to around 600 m³ raw clay, therefore the clay remains on average for three days in the silo feeder.

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