Thermoplan kiln controls for a Ceric kiln at Creaton AG in Roggden

For over ten years a dryer control system and an operational data logging system from Thermoplan have already been in operation at the Roggden plant. In addition, systems to control the dimensional accuracy of both the plain roofing tiles and the H-cassettes are installed. The installation has now been rounded off at the end of 2009 with the conversion of the kiln controls from S5 to S7.

The job definition, “smooth takeover and high recognition value for the operating personnel”, was achieved by taking over the control system during running operations and by an optically largely true reproduction of the former user interface in WINCC flexible.

In this way Ceric’s usual two operating systems were made available and possible conversion difficulties for the users were prevented right from the start. The firing curve and product management, which were previously managed in the visualization system, are now integrated in the PLC, which can therefore work autonomously.

Both WINCC flexible workplaces are equipped with the full operational scope and are directly connected with the PLC so that easy spare parts stocking was possible with standard components.

In order to reproduce all functions of the former user interface, the plant – in addition to plant operation via WINCC flexible – was also integrated in the existing operational data logging system, thus making available the historical evaluation of measured values and the logbook.

During the conversion phase of about two weeks the excellent quality of the products could be guaranteed at all times; the downtime for the kiln caused by the conversion amounted altogether to around five hours only.


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