Creaton AG: 2009 – A difficult year with a conciliatory conclusion

Despite sustained weakness in Creaton‘s field of business, the group was able to increase their revenues for the first eleven months of 2009 to 196.6 mill. €, after 188.4 mill. € for the same period in 2008, and domestic sales were even up disproportionately. Creaton AG Management Board Chairman Alfons Hörmann puts it this way: „Due to surrounding circumstances, however, our profits were anything but satisfactory, especially considering the latest increases in the cost of energy. Creaton intends to keep on optimizing processes and becoming even leaner in 2010. Their main focus is to achieve best-possible capacity utilization.
Creaton expects the roofing market to remain difficult in 2010 but is convinced of being well equipped to handle future challenges. The group‘s financial situation is reportedly still rock solid. Inventories have been markedly reduced, all factories are busy, and a rough sum of 1 million euros was recently invested at the Malsch production facility.

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