Nuovo Corso’s new façade panel plant – effective, flexible and energy-optimized

Since the beginning of the year, Nuovo Corso, one of the industry’s leading players based in Carpineti, ­Reggio Emilia, Italy, has been equipped with a highly modern plant. At this plant, which has been supplied entirely by Sacmi, 1 500 m2 ventilated façade panels and large-size extruded tiles are produced each day. Technologically cutting-edge, the plant is a model of efficiency, flexibility and optimized energy consump­tion.

1 Introduction

At the new plant, Nuovo Corso cannot only produce ­extruded, ventilated façade panels and large-size extruded porcellanato tiles, but also products of various sizes. Top of the range are the 1 200 x 1 300 mm porcellanato ceramic tiles with extremely low water absorption.

The plant includes the following departments: storage of the spray-dried granulate, processing of raw materials, extrusion and cutting, rapid drying, digital decoration glazing, rapid firing, re-cutting and sorting and palletizing.

Thanks to the two different lines, products can be diversified by type, shape and...

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